Wireless Alarms

Security Systems

Security systems within the home are no longer reserved for the rich or for high-risk properties. Every home is, unfortunately, susceptible to intruders and many people are minimising the risk by installing a quality and reliable security system.

We exclusively install Yale wireless alarm systems as they are the market leader in wireless home security. With the siren on the front of your property, it acts as a strong deterrent with its bulky, brightly coloured casing will help to ward off intruders.

Key Benefits


Summary of the key benefits:

  • Reduced cost and installation time
  • Compatibility with other technology
  • Long range wireless
  • Portability when moving. No cables
  • Tamper proof
  • Online management/notification i.e grant temporary access to any visitors
  • A connection to the internet means immediate notifications of any intruders, by an alarming text message, email alert and through the Yale app itself

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